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Protect + Enhance

Natural Curl Structure

Ingredient Conscious

Plant Powered

Style + Treat

Unlock your curl potential. A nourishing styling solution that helps protect, hydrate and enhances your natural curl pattern. Transforming frizz into a weightless hold with definition, added shine and volume from the roots.

Transforming everyday frizz.


  • 100% Vegan

    Certified with The Vegan Society

  • Cruelty Free

    A Leaping Bunny approved brand

  • Clinically Approved

    Dermatologically tested and safe for skin

  • Ingredient Concious

    Formulated with care, for your hair

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Dermatologically tested

Safe for Kids & Sensitive Skin

A blend of nature & human ingenuity. Dermatologically tested, safe for skin and sensitive scalps. Suitable for kids 3 years and above.


100% Vegan

We proudly uphold our commitment to our 100% Vegan and cruelty-free products, certified by The Vegan Society and approved by the Leaping Bunny Programme.

Red Algae + Green Gold

Natural Defence

Red Algae Extract helps to safeguard curls from drying environmental stressors. Tamanu Oil, the "Green Gold" of tropical regions, nourishes and strengthens each strand for healthier, more resilient hair.


Easy Rinse Off

Curl Jar's carefully formulated ingredients ensure an easy rinse off when it is hair wash day. Leaving curls soft, moisturised and residue-free. Your fix for hair which feels light, fresh, and rejuvenated.

How to apply

  • 1. Wet Hair

  • 2. Styling Techniques

  • 3. Dry Time

  • 4. Break the Cast

  • 5. Next Day Activation

Start with freshly washed and wet hair to ensure the product spreads evenly and penetrates each strand effectively.

Experiment with different styling methods: rake the product through for defined curls, scrunch to add volume, or finger twist to control unruly curls.

Allow your curls to air dry naturally or use a diffuser on a low-temperature. Avoid touching your curls during this process to let your natural curl pattern set beautifully.

Reveal your new curls by gently scrunching with your hands and shaking to release the curls from their cast.

Revive and redefine your curls the following day with a touch of water to reactivate and reshape. Re-apply product if needed.

Tamanu + Lemongrass

A light treatment & styling solution.

Curl Jar's unique formulations are designed to tackle even the most unruly hair, offering softness, definition, and manageability to all curl types. We believe every curl should express its true beauty through healthy, well-nourished hair.


Style & Treat

#Embrace your frizz