CJ Formula

Finding the balance

Start with a good hair wash. Apply this versatile Curl Activator to wet hair for optimal results. On days in between hair washes, simply refresh your hair with water and a touch of Curljar.

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How to Apply

Styling techniques

  • Raking

    Run fingers through hair to spread the product. Use a brush for increased distribution.

  • Scrunching

    To set curl clusters, squeeze and hold your curls from ends to roots for 2 to 3 seconds.

  • Twirling

    Spiral individual curls around one finger, to form targeted definition. Perfect for your face framing curls.


Good hair wash

Begin with a fresh canvas. Start with clean, wet hair. This sets the foundation for a beautiful, defined curl pattern that lasts all day. Wet hair is like a sponge, ready to absorb the product, ensuring your curls receive optimal hydration and definition.


Section hair

Precision is key! Divide your hair into manageable sections for better product distribution. The goal is to apply a thin, even layer across your all of your hair. This method ensures that every strand is coated, minimising room for those sneaky frizz spots to make an appearance once your hair is dry.


Rake into hair

For an even distribution mix the product in your palms and coat each curl, by using your fingers to comb through your hair. Use a brush upwards to volumise your curls. This is perfect if you're aiming for a more defined finish.


Scrunch & Hold

To encourage natural curl formation, always finish your styling routine with a gentle scrunch. Squeeze your curls from end to root to add volume. This helps set your curls in place without disrupting their natural pattern.


Dry time

Do not disturb drying curls. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on a low and cool temperature, to set properly. As your hair dries you will notice a light cast forming, this is needed for good hold. Over-handling curls before they are fully dry can cause unwanted frizz and less definition.


Break the cast

When curls are 100% dry scrunch them to break the cast. This releases their natural shape and activates softness + volume. You can now enjoy your lasting curls.


Next Day Activation

CJ Formula

Revive and redefine your curls the following day with a misting of water to reactivate and reshape any flatness from overnight. You can re-apply a small amount of product if required on misted hair.