A Festive Triumph: Curl Jar's Success at John Lewis Solihull Birmingham

A Festive Triumph: Curl Jar's Success at John Lewis Solihull Birmingham

Greeting us in-store with an engaging experience for customers at John Lewis Solihull. Bringing an exciting new type of insight to shoppers in with curly hair. 

A special shoutout goes to the JL Style Studio team for their warm welcome and hospitality. Being a new business in a prestigious retail space, we couldn't have asked for a better reception!

"It was great hosting Curl Jar and seeing you interact with customers, and the extra bit of theatre was excellent." - Neil Churchard, Brand Experience Manager.

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One of the highlights was undoubtedly the warmth and friendliness of the customers. Approachable and enthusiastic, they embraced Curl Jar with open arms, making each interaction a joy. 

With people returning for more and staff members sharing their positive feedback, Curljar sales were able to reach a peak performance. It was our first John Lewis event and our figures topped as the highest record for a pop-up brand in Solihull that year. 

For Curl Jar, it was a moment of pride to be accepted and appreciated in a retail space as esteemed as John Lewis. The success of the week was not just in numbers but in the smiles of customers who returned to share stories of how Curl Jar had transformed their hair! 

We'd love to meet with you at our next John Lewis event, keep an eye on our page for the upcoming dates.