Cyrl Cymru First Curly Salon in Wales

Curl Jar's First Curly Salon Supporters: A Heartfelt Christmas Initiative

Salons are more than just places to get your hair done – they're welcoming spaces where connections are made, and confidence is cultivated. 

We're grateful to end this year with some festive spirit! Spreading the joy of good hair days, we sent our branded Christmas trees to those who believed in us from the start of our journey. Gifting their clients with giveaways to take home as a small thank you gesture. 

Meeting some fabulous stylists along the way has been hugely inspiring and encourages us everyday to deliver quality curl care. 

Thanks to the Roots of Support: Our First 5 Curly Salon Specialists 

The Curl Girl - Curl Jar's Official Curly Stylists 
Not just a hair salon, but a countryside escape and sanctuary, The Curl Girl has been an integral part of Curl Jar's journey.

Cyrl Cymru - The Welsh Curl Master
Opened its doors in 2020, Cyrl Cymru has garnered social popularity with viral curl cut videos, attracting followers from around the world.

Strand & Lock - Birmingham's Vibrant Cultural Hub 
Found in the heart of Digbeth, Strand & Lock welcomed Curl Jar with open arms, contributing to our warm reception in Birmingham.

Yasmine Byfield - Wolverhampton's Natural Hair Care
A cosy studio session with Yasmine Byfield aiming to focus on non-harmful styling methods for curly hair, reflecting Curl Jar's commitment to natural care.

Lindsey Curl Whisper - Offering One-to-One Curl Services 
With a long career in hairdressing, Lindsey Curl Whisper offers a personal service specifically tailored for curls in Staffordshire and London.